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The symposium was attended by 100 librarians interested in discussing leadership and management concepts. Additional information about the symposium may be found at http://library.umassmed.edu/ϳrvanderh/mlanet/. This Website includes a symposium overview, objectives, agenda, and speaker and attendee lists. Many of the speakers' presentations are also(More)
The University of South Carolina (USC) School of Medicine (SOM) librarians have partnered with eight free medical clinics in South Carolina to enhance patient education efforts. During these outreach projects, project librarians purchased and installed computers, projectors, screens, LCD monitors, and touch-screen information kiosks equipment in each(More)
Many physicians report that Internet health information can affect their clinical decisions. Much of Internet geriatric health information (IGHI) is not controlled for quality, and there is no available process to assess the quality of IGHI used in clinical practice or in medical education. The objective of this project was to describe the development of an(More)
Gopher software has emerged rapidly as a powerful tool for providing library users with organized access to Internet resources. Building and maintaining Gophers is one way in which librarians' traditional knowledge and skills are being applied in a nontraditional area. In March 1992, the University of Michigan's ULibrary Gopher was created, mainly as a(More)
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