Ruth A. Booth

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We correlated the in vivo 1H Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy (MRS) concentration of the choline peak (CHO) with in vitro chemical measures of choline-containing compounds and a histological grade of cellularity in 18 patients with neoplastic and infectious brain lesions. Gas-chromatography-mass-spectrometry (GCMS) was used to measure the concentrations of(More)
The present experiments were designed to study behavioral, neurochemical and physiological effects of repeated exposure to subsymptomatic levels of the anticholinesterase, soman. Sprague-Dawley rats were placed on a soman regimen of 35 micrograms kg-1 (0.3 log10 units below the LD50) which consisted of daily injections SC for the first three days, followed(More)
We assessed acetylcholine (ACh) and choline (Ch) dynamics 2.5 h, 1, 4 and 14 days after cerebral cortex impact injury or craniotomy only in adult male Sprague-Dawley rats. Cortical endogenous ACh (D0ACh), endogenous free Ch (D0Ch), deuterium-labeled Ch (D4Ch), and ACh synthesized from D4Ch (D4ACh) were measured by gas-chromatography mass-spectrometry after(More)
Results of magnetic resonance spectroscopic (MRS) studies of the chemical patterns in brain tumors have been inconsistent. Actual biochemical correlations are needed. In 2 patients with heterogeneous intracranial tumors, in vivo 1H MRS and in vitro biochemical analyses were correlated. Histology confirmed the tumor heterogeneity. Choline was elevated in the(More)
Disordered reproductive function has long been recognized as a prevalent problem among women of reproductive age who suffer from insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (IDDM). Delay in menarchial age is frequently seen if IDDM develops in the peripubertal years and some form of menstrual dysfunction is found in nearly one-third of all women of reproductive age(More)
The effect of food on serum gastrin and gastric acid secretion has been studied in dogs with denervated pouches before and after antrectomy and subsequent vagotomy. A Billroth I anastomosis was used in one group of dogs and a Billroth II in the other. Serum gastrin was measured by radioimmunoassay. In both groups of dogs antrectomy significantly depressed(More)