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A coarse description of a set A ⊆ ω is a set D ⊆ ω such that the symmetric difference of A and D has asymptotic density 0. We study the extent to which noncomputable information can be effectively recovered from all coarse descriptions of a given set A, especially when A is effectively random in some sense. We show that if A is 1-random and B is computable(More)
Skvortsova showed that there is a factor of the Medvedev lattice which captures intuitionistic propositional logic (IPC). However, her factor is unnatural in the sense that it is constructed in an ad hoc manner. We present a more natural example of such a factor. We also show that the theory of every non-trivial factor of the Medvedev lattice is contained(More)
We introduce Monte Carlo computability as a probabilistic concept of computability on infinite objects and prove that Monte Carlo computable functions are closed under composition. We then mutually separate the following classes of functions from each other: the class of multi-valued functions that are non-deterministically computable, that of Las Vegas(More)