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The DCCD: A digital data infrastructure for tree-ring research
We developed the Digital Collaboratory for Cultural Dendrochronology (DCCD) which allows users to control data access, to perform queries, to upload and download (meta)data in a variety of digital formats, and to edit metadata on line. Expand
Book Review: Before the Gregorian Reform: The Latin Church at the Turn of the First Millennium
Finally, in the ‘Epilogue,’ MacIntyre expresses his gratitude for the Dublin conference, and offers some incisive responses to the chapters presented in the volume (notably, those of Geuss, Long, andExpand
Lateran Thinking: Building an Idea of Rome in the Carolingian Empire
This article re-addresses the question of the so-called Lateran in Aachen, mentioned in a number of texts produced in the wake of the Carolingian reform movement during the first decades of the ninthExpand
Using Xml for the Long-Term Storage of Datasets. Results and Expectations of the Xpast Project
Storing digital objects as XML files has been recognized as a real possibility for long term storage and access to the data they represent. Expand