Ruta Westreich

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This study examined psychosocial risk factors for depressive symptomatology in a community sample of pregnant immigrant women in Montreal, Canada. One hundred and nineteen participants were recruited through hospitals and responded to questionnaires assessing depression, somatic symptoms, functional status, social support, stressful life events and marital(More)
BACKGROUND Very low birthweight infants are at risk for deficits in cognitive and language development, as well as attention and behaviour problems. Maternal sensitive behaviour (i.e. awareness of infant cues and appropriate responsiveness to those cues) in interaction with her very low birthweight infant is associated with better outcomes in these domains;(More)
Major depressive disorder is characterized by emotional dysfunction, but mood states in daily life are not well understood. This study examined complex explanatory models of daily stress and coping mechanisms that trigger and maintain daily negative affect and (lower) positive affect in depression. Sixty-three depressed patients completed perfectionism(More)
Following a random distribution, two groups of couples, users of the B.R. (birth room) and users of the T. R. (traditional room) were compared in terms of each partner's feeling of satisfaction in relation to the giving birth process. Statistical analysis of the means of the B.R. and T.R. fathers, of the B.R. and T.R. mothers, three days after delivery and(More)
This study of depressed outpatients (N=47) examined self-criticism (SC) and personal standards (PS) dimensions of perfectionism as moderators of the relation between chronic stress and depression over 1year. Participants completed personality measures (SC, PS, neuroticism, conscientiousness) at baseline (Time 1), a chronic stress interview 6months later(More)
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