Ruta K. Valaitis

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BACKGROUND The Internet has undergone rapid development, with significant impact on social life and on modes of communication. Modern management of type 1 diabetes requires that patients have access to continuous support and learning opportunities. Although Web 2.0 resources can provide this support, few pediatric clinics offer it as part of routine(More)
In an attempt to address a shortage of clinical nursing placements, the rising complexity of care and to increase preparedness of students entering clinical settings, the provincial government of Ontario invested significant funding for the purchase of simulation equipment in undergraduate Schools of Nursing. What students believe about simulation and(More)
This qualitative study explored health sciences students' perceptions of their experiences in online problem based learning (PBL) and focused on their views about learning and group process in the online environment. Participants were novices to online learning and highly experienced in PBL, therefore, they could reflect on past face-to-face PBL(More)
This systematic review investigated the relationship between early childhood caries (ECC) and breastfeeding. The systematic review methodology used by the Cochrane Collaboration was modified and adopted for this review. 28 of 151 articles (18.5%) were relevant for the study and were rated as strong (0), moderate (3), weak (9) or very weak (16). Validity(More)
The cornerstones of health promotion are the concepts of empowerment and community participation. There has been little research, however, on how these concepts are actualized within a youth population and even less from a gender perspective. Girls are socialized to be more compliant and cooperative; thus they feel less assertive to express themselves. The(More)
AIM The purpose of this scoping literature review was to determine what is known about: 1) structures and processes required to build successful collaborations between primary care (PC) and public health (PH); 2) outcomes of such collaborations; and 3) markers of their success. BACKGROUND Collaboration between PC and PH is believed to enable more(More)
BACKGROUND Youth are often disenfranchised in their communities and may feel they have little voice. Since computers are an important aspect of youth culture, they may offer solutions to increasing youth participation in communities. OBJECTIVE This qualitative case study investigated the perceptions of 19 (predominantly female) inner-city school youth(More)
The Internet is an innovative strategy to increase public participation. It is important to include pregnant and parenting teens' perspectives when planning programs to meet their needs. This qualitative study explored online discussions as a strategy to enhance participation by this population. Findings showed that online communication was preferred over(More)
In this study nursing faculty perceptions of the implementation of simulation in schools of nursing across Ontario, Canada, were explored using the Q-methodology technique. Following Q-methodology guidelines, 104 statements were collected from faculty and students with exposure to simulation to determine the concourse (what people say about the issue). The(More)
This two-part field study compared researchers' recorded observations to mothers' perceptions of attention they received while publicly breastfeeding. In part 1, four breastfeeding and four bottle-feeding mothers each made eight restaurant visits. On average, there were more neutral looks from customers (P = .01) during breastfeeding visits, but no(More)