Rut Svanström

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A stereotactic body frame with a fixation device has been developed for stereotactic radiation therapy of extracranial targets, a precision localization and positioning system in analogy with the stereotactic head frames used for intracranial targets. Results of the first 42 treated tumors in 31 patients are presented. Most of the patients had solitary(More)
A method for stereotactic high-dose radiotherapy of malignancies in the abdomen has been developed. A stereotactic frame for the body has been developed and a method for fixation of the patient in the frame is described. The reproducibility in the stereotactic system of tumours in the liver and the lung was found to be within 5-8 mm for 90% of the patient(More)
AIM To compare magnetic resonance (MR) imaging and computed tomography (CT) in the local staging of locally advanced rectal tumours. MATERIALS AND METHODS Sixteen consecutive patients who, after pre-operative radio-chemotherapy (RCT), had surgery for rectal tumours clinically judged as extending into neighbouring tissues in the pelvis, were examined using(More)
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