Rusty Armstrong

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In addition to providing useful clinical information, cardiac output determined during rubidium-82 positron emission tomographic (PET) myocardial perfusion studies can be used in the measurement of absolute regional myocardial blood flow using Sapirstein's method. This investigation was conducted to compare cardiac output values obtained by post-processing(More)
Radioactive glycerol, ethanolamine, or choline injected into the vicinity of the cell bodies of rat sciatic nerve sensory fibers is incorporated into phospholipid. Some newly synthesized ethanolamine and choline phosphoglycerides are subsequently committed to transport down the sciatic nerve axons at a rate of several hundred millimeters per day. Most(More)
Anterograde axonal transport of phospholipids occurs at a rate of several hundred millimeters per day. However, although labeled precursors are incorporated into phospholipids in the neuronal cell bodies within several hours, these newly synthesized phospholipids are committed to transport over a much longer period of time. Thus, maximal accumulation of(More)
The purpose of this study was to compare the relationship between several measures of single-joint, isometric, eccentric, and squat strength and unilateral and bilateral landing mechanics at the hip and knee in women. Twenty six healthy female subjects with previous athletic experience (height, 165.1 ± 7.01 cm; mass, 60.91 ± 7.14 kg; age, 20.9 ± 1.62 years)(More)
For quantitation of electron microscope (EM) autoradiographs, micrographs must contain clear images which are relatively free of heavy metal precipitates. Satisfactory contrast is usually obtained by staining individual ultra-thin sections with lead citrate. It was recently reported that sequential block staining of tissue with ferrocyanide-reduced osmium(More)
Focal demyelination was produced in rat sciatic nerve by unilateral intraneural injection of anti-galactocerebroside serum. A functional lesion was confirmed by the presence of nerve conduction block. Histologically, this corresponded to demyelination of 50-70% of the fibers in nerve cross sections; axonal structures appeared intact. At the time of maximal(More)
Regenerated and remyelinated nerve fibers have shorter internodes and thus more nodes than normal mature fibers. This requires either a decrease in the number of sodium channels per node or an increase in the number of channels per fiber or both. The purpose of this investigation was to determine what happens to sodium channel number, as estimated by(More)
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