Rustam Suleimanov

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Although the Paleolithic occupations of Uzbekistan and the neighboring foothill regions of Tajikistan and Kazakhstan are well-documented, almost no hominin fossil material has been discovered in the area since Teshik-Tash 1 in 1938. Here we describe and offer a preliminary comparative framework for hominin remains that were recovered in 2003 from two Middle(More)
The present study has demonstrated that pulsed magnetotherapy in combination with the traction of the vertebral column in young subjects with discogenic scoliosis makes it possible to reduce the flow of vertebral painful pulsation, has beneficial effect on the spinal muscular corset (reduced asymmetry of the muscular tone on the intact and affected sides),(More)
Changes in the main soil properties under the influence of oilfield brines were studied at the Tuimazy Oilfield. High salinization was observed in the cinnamonic forest soil one year after pollution. Progressing alkalinization deteriorated the main soil properties. The chemical composition of the aqueous extract and the ionic composition of the soil(More)
A three-year field experiment on southern chernozem showed an improvement in its hydrophysical and agrochemical properties and crop productivity as a result of applying natural agricultural fertilizer ores in the series manure-sapropel-floating mat-straw-zeolite-sand.
It was shown that the agrochernozems of trans-Ural steppe (Bashkortostan) used under conditions of the No-Till system (NT) from 4 to 19 years are marked by favorable hydrophysical properties for the growth and development of plants and medium and high humus content, but, on the other hand, by the lack of nitrogen and, especially, phosphorus. Slightly eroded(More)
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