Rustam Rakhimov Igorevich

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This paper explores interaction design and real time implementation of behavioral synchronization of Human and Humanoid robot. Human postures are captured into a 3D skeleton using Kinect sensor. Single 3D coordinates of joints can be derived from the skeleton. For the behavioral synchronization primitive humanoid robot with 16 servo motors are used. Human's(More)
This paper is about one more method for the hand gesture recognition algorithms. Described system in this paper doesn't require wearing any device or gloves for the subject's hand. For detecting hand motion, simple stereo camera is needed. The actual difference of suggested method in this paper with previous works is we are using grayscale(More)
We propose a robot teleoperation service architecture that enables us to control robot more reliable. Reliability is one of key issues in the researches of network based robot architectures. Most of researches on robot architecture are to solve network related problems like latency or disconnection by implementing artificial intelligence at robots. In this(More)
This paper is to survey video encryption algorithms field which becomes as an important field nowadays. As an increasing rate of applying video is getting high, the security of video data becomes more important. In this paper listed several famous encryption schemes which have their own advantages and cryptographic stability. Three main classes of video(More)
Locating objects and subjects is an important problem area for many business and research domains. There were a lot of sample projects related to locating objects using combination of RFID and CEP techniques. The usage of event processing techniques in locating problems mostly related to improvement the performance and reduction the complexity of(More)
Big Data becomes un-detachable part of the highly scalable applications in Internet of Things. In this work we introduce use case of Dynamic Reconfigurable IoT convergence with Big Data. Dynamic Reconfigurable IoT framework was developed based on OSGi (Open Service Gateway initiative) to be cross-platform and flexible framework. Suggested Dynamic(More)
Precision Time Protocol (PTP) is clock synchronization protocol that is used in computer networks. It is one of the most widely used clock synchronization protocol in the domains where the high degree of precision is required. Accuracy of the PTP goes in the sub-microsecond range. A lot of works have been done for verification and simulation of the(More)
Smart TV market grows rapidly, and it becomes another important part of our life cycle. Main factor of growing smart technologies are their useful applications. There are necessities for users to run their casual PC applications in Smart TVs. Therefore, some applications have been developed or ported to be able to run in Smart TVs. However, the process of(More)
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