Russell W Owens

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Although the alewife (Alosa pseudoharengus) has been the principal prey fish of adult lake trout(Sa/ve/inus namaycush) in Lake Ontario, a lakewide survey of PCB concentration in Lake Ontario alewife was not attempted until 1986. W e applied an individualbased model to the 1986 population of Lake Ontario lake trout to (a) estimate the PCB concentration in(More)
Studies of the hydraulic loading conditions on the heart in humans, especially pulsatile load, have primarily been limited to the supine state. Therefore, we have chosen a nonhuman primate model, the baboon, to assess left ventricular/vascular coupling in both supine and upright positions. Primate subjects were studied by catheterization under sedation and(More)
Herein, we investigated the role of VEGF signaling in the earliest events in vasculogenesis and found that it exerts critical effects shortly after mesodermal cells form by gastrulation. We showed that VEGF treatment of embryos caused an increase in the population of newly gastrulated mesodermal (NGM) cells that express the transcription factor TAL1. This(More)
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