Russell W. F. Lai

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Since many cryptographic schemes are about performing computation on data, it is important to consider a computation model which captures the prominent features of modern system architecture. Parallel random access machine (PRAM) is such an abstraction which not only models multiprocessor platforms, but also new frameworks supporting massive parallel(More)
Searchable Symmetric Encryption (SSE) encrypts data in such a way that they can be searched efficiently. Some recent SSE schemes allow modification of data, yet they may incur storage overhead to support parallelism in searching, or additional computation to minimize the potential leakage incurred by the update, both penalize the performance. Moreover, most(More)
Homomorphic signatures (HS) allow evaluation of signed messages by producing a signature on a function of messages signed by the same key. Motivated by the vast potential of applications, we initiate the study of multi-key HS (M-HS) which allows evaluation of signatures under different keys. We also study other multi-key extensions, namely, hierarchical HS(More)
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