Russell Stocker

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The signaling pathways that enable plants to mount defenses against insect herbivores are known to be complex. It was previously demonstrated that the insect-resistant maize (Zea mays L.) genotype Mp708 accumulates a unique defense cysteine proteinase, Mirl-CP, in response to caterpillar feeding. In this study, the role of ethylene in insect defense in(More)
BACKGROUND Attrition of students from aviation training is a serious financial and operational concern for the U.S. Navy. Each late stage navy aviator training failure costs the taxpayer over $1,000,000 and ultimately results in decreased operational readiness of the fleet. Currently, potential aviators are selected based on the Aviation Selection Test(More)
A class of tests for the hypothesis that the baseline intensity belongs to a parametric class of intensities is given in the recurrent event setting. Asymptotic properties of a weighted general class of processes that compare the non-parametric versus parametric estimators for the cumulative intensity are presented. These results are given for a sequence of(More)
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