Russell Shilling

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Emotion is a key component for sound design in movies and videogames. We believe that it is also a key component in virtual environments and simulation. The following paper summarizes work at the MOVES Institute's Immersive Audio Laboratory which demonstrates the emotional impact of sound in interactive media and also shows that emotionality evoked in a(More)
The current report summarizes a case study from an Office of Naval Research (ONR) funded project to compare the effects of virtual reality graded exposure therapy (VRGET) with cognitive behavioral group therapy in active-duty corpsmen. Details of the collaborative program between the Virtual Reality Medical Center (VRMC) and Naval Medical Center San Diego(More)
LISA will be the first space-borne gravitational wave observatory. It aims to detect gravitational waves in the 0.1 mHz÷1 Hz range from sources including galactic binaries, super-massive black-hole binaries, capture of objects by super-massive black-holes and stochastic background. LISA is an ESA approved Cornerstone Mission foreseen as a joint ESA-NASA(More)
The MOVES Institute's mission is research, application, and education in the grand challenges of modeling, virtual environments, and simulation. Specialties are 3D visual simulation, networked virtual environments, computer-generated autonomy, human-performance engineering, immersive technologies, defense /entertainment collaboration, and evolving(More)
The design and development of auditory interfaces in virtual environments has lagged behind visual interfaces. However, the auditory interface should be considered an essential component to VE that adds ambience, emotion, and a sense of presence to the simulation. The entertainment industry has long recognized the importance of sound to add these perceptual(More)
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is reported to be caused by traumatic events that are outside the range of usual human experience including (but not limited to) military combat, violent personal assault, being kidnapped or taken hostage and terrorist attacks. Initial data suggests that at least 1 out of 5 Iraq War veterans are exhibiting symptoms of(More)
(Moves) Institute proposed two games—America's Army: Operations and America's Army: Soldiers—to recreate the US Army for the benefit of young civilians. (For more information on the council's report and how this idea came about, see the sidebar " America's Army: A Background. ") Our goal within America's Army: Operations was to demonstrate life in the(More)