Russell Schnitzer

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This article describes a 2-year, multi-hospital study on the effects of psychotherapy for nonchronic schizophrenic patients. The design and methods used to evaluate the relative benefits of exploratory, insight-oriented (EIO) psychotherapy and reality-adaptive, supportive (RAS) psychotherapy when both are provided by experienced therapists against the(More)
In Wyoming, we know where to find natural resources. We can follow pronghorns, elk and deer on their seasonal migrations. But we have not had the same information about which places people care about and why. We created social maps for 3 counties (see pages 8-14) and describe that process in this report. People agreed on important places and where(More)
The Boston Psychotherapy Study found no major differences in the effects of insight-oriented and supportive psychotherapies in the treatment of schizophrenia. The authors of the current study looked beyond the assignments to those treatment designations and used blindly rated transcripts of tape-recorded sessions to examine the relationship of therapist(More)
Thirty-six male students, drawn from a sample of 1195, were interviewed to obtain a personal history. A battery of projective psychological tests (Rorschach and TATs) were also administered to them. The students were divided into four groups of nine each, Jewish radicals (JR), Christian radicals (CR), Jewish moderates (JM), and Christian moderates (CM), to(More)
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