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Malnutrition resulting from zinc (Zn) and iron (Fe) deficiency has become a global issue. Excessive phosphorus (P) application may aggravate this issue due to the interactions of P and micronutrients in soil crop. Crop grain micronutrients associated with P applications and the increase of grain Zn by Zn fertilization were field-evaluated. A field(More)
Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI) subtype H5N1 poses severe threats to both animals and humans. Investigating where, when and why the disease occurs is important to help animal health authorities develop effective control policies. This study takes into account spatial and temporal occurrence of HPAI H5N1 in the Red River Delta of Vietnam. A(More)
Adequate zinc (Zn) in maize (Zea mays L.) is required for obtaining Zn-enriched grain and optimum yield. This study investigated the impact of varying Zn fertilizer placements on Zn accumulation in maize plant. Two pot experiments with same design were conducted to investigate the effect of soil Zn heterogeneity by mixing ZnSO4·7H2O (10 mg Zn kg−1 soil on(More)
When a solute transport process is viewed as a dynamic system with input and output, a system identification technique can be used to study it from input-output data. According to the design of excitation signals in the system identification approach, the commonly used rectangular pulse as input signal for column experiments is not optimum because it does(More)
Farmers in developing countries sometimes receive incorrect and misleading information regarding the fertilizer inputs into food production, especially during crises or times of unusually high demand. In the early 2000's farmers of Thailand were sold fake fertilizer or advised to apply excessive amounts of fertilizers by fertilizer dealers. The problem was(More)
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