Russell S Kamer

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OBJECTIVE To assess the size and consistency of garlic's effect on total serum cholesterol in persons with cholesterol levels greater than 5.17 mmol/L (200 mg/dL). DATA SOURCES Clinical trials were identified by a computerized literature search of MEDLINE and by an assessment of the bibliographies of published studies and reviews. STUDY SELECTION Trials(More)
Myositis due to the etiologic agent of Lyme disease, Borrelia burgdorferi, has been reported nine times in the English-language literature; there has been but a single report of exacerbation of dermatomyositis due to B. burgdorferi in a patient with known dermatomyositis. Multiple infectious agents, but not B. burgdorferi, have been hypothesized to trigger(More)
Rats received either 0 or 30 preexposures to a tone which was later used as a conditioned stimulus (CS) in a two-way avoidance task. Tone preexposure resulted in retarded conditioning in normal animals and animals with dorsal raphe lesions. This latent inhibition effect, however, was not present in animals with medial raphe lesions. The failure of CS(More)
PURPOSE To study the perceived effectiveness of bioethics consultation as evaluated by both professional staff and patients and their families. PATIENTS AND METHODS An evaluation questionnaire was forwarded to physicians, nurses and patients or family members who were associated with 20 sequential cases referred for ethics consultation during a 2-year(More)
PURPOSE On April 1, 1988, New York State enacted legislation governing the withholding of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). Suggestions that the mandated protocol for withholding CPR is too cumbersome and will result in an increase in CPR attempts led us to study the effect of the new law on in-hospital resuscitation practice. PATIENTS AND METHODS We(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine if antibiotic prophylaxis following a dear tick bite is effective in reducing the risk of developing Lyme disease. DESIGN Meta-analysis of published trials. DATA IDENTIFICATION Clinical trials were identified by a computerised literature search of MEDLINE and by an assessment of the bibliographies of published studies. STUDY(More)
Human granulocytic anaplasmosis (HGA) is a potentially fatal tick-borne infection caused by Anaplasma phagocytophilum. Treatment options are limited for this entity, with doxycycline being the drug of choice. Certain fluoroquinolones such as levofloxacin are active against A. phagocytophilum in vitro. We report a hospitalized patient with HGA who improved(More)
divergent cellular responses of distinctive nucleus pulposus cell types. BMC Musculoskelet Disord. Functional properties and genetic relatedness of the fusion and hemagglutinin-neuraminidase proteins of a mumps virus-like bat virus. Regulation of the inflammatory profile of stromal cells in human breast cancer: prominent roles for TNF-α and the NF-κB(More)
It is well documented that chronic neuroleptic treatment creates a dopamine receptor supersensitivity in the striatum. The present study examined the effect of chronic neuroleptic treatment on mesolimbic dopamine receptor binding. Rats received either 0.5 mg/kg of haloperidol, 50 mg/kg of sodium phenobarbital, or 0.9% saline daily for 21 days. One week(More)