Russell R. Snyder

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OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to determine the rates of recurrent dysplasia with longer follow-up durations and to determine whether margin status and other variables were associated with recurrence. STUDY DESIGN A retrospective chart review was performed for all women who underwent a loop electrosurgical excision procedure at Wilford Hall Medical(More)
BRCA1, a multi-domain protein, is mutated in a large percentage of hereditary breast and ovarian cancers. BRCA1 is most often mutated in three domains or regions: the N-terminal RING domain, exons 11-13, and the BRCT domain. The BRCA1 RING domain is responsible for the E3 ubiquitin ligase activity of BRCA1 and mediates interactions between BRCA1 and other(More)
The inositol 1,4,5-trisphosphate receptor (IP3R) is a ubiquitously expressed endoplasmic reticulum (ER)-resident calcium channel. Calcium release mediated by IP3Rs influences many signaling pathways, including those regulating apoptosis. IP3R activity is regulated by protein-protein interactions, including binding to proto-oncogenes and tumor suppressors to(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVE The purpose of this analysis was to compare the trends in undergoing laparoscopic hysterectomy (versus abdominal or vaginal hysterectomy) based on patient age, race, median income and insurance type, from 2003 to 2010. DESIGN Retrospective study (Canadian Task Force classification II-3). SETTING National sample of hospital admissions(More)
Acute pyelonephritis is one of the most common serious medical complications of pregnancy and may result in significant maternal morbidity. E. coli and Klebsiella are the two most common causative organisms. Pregnant women with acute pyelonephritis should be hospitalized and treated with parenteral antibiotics. Clinical response is usually dramatic, with(More)
Umbilical arterial and venous acid-base and blood gas values in uncomplicated premature births are similar to values that are reported in term infants and are unaffected by birth weight or gestational age. In this group of patients chorioamnionitis had no significant effects on umbilical arterial acid-base or blood gas values or on the percentage of(More)
Ovarian remnant syndrome is an uncommon problem that may follow bilateral oophorectomy. These patients may present with chronic pelvic pain or pelvic masses and may require surgery to confirm or exclude the diagnosis. In this report we describe the successful use of the gonadotropin releasing hormone agonist (GnRH-a) stimulation test to identify the(More)
Endometrial biopsy specimens (n = 62) were evaluated by five pathologists to assess the effect of interobserver variation on histologic dating of the endometrium. The potential effect of this variation on the diagnosis of luteal phase defects (LPDs) and resulting clinical management was also determined. Mean (+/- standard error) interobserver variation was(More)
Genital tract colonization with Trichomonas vaginalis usually results in vaginitis without systemic manifestations. There are only four recorded cases of Trichomonas recovered from pelvic organs or peritoneal fluid. This report describes two additional women in whom motile flagellate organisms were recovered from abdominopelvic ascites. We hypothesize that(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the magnitude of intraobserver variation in dating endometrial biopsies and its impact on clinical management. DESIGN Blinded histopathologic interpretation of endometrial biopsy specimens 1 year apart by five pathologists. SETTING Large military tertiary care center. PATIENTS Endometrial biopsy specimens from 51 patients(More)