Russell Newman

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Although it has been around for 11 years, it is still not clear where Web 2.0 will lead. This paper presents a general discussion of past and recent trends that may positively influence the direction of Web 2.0, including cloud computing and other emerging business models. In order to move forward, Web 3.0 is proposed for the next generation of work that(More)
With the fast growth of Linked Data, many datasets have been made available for public access. However, with an increased number of elderly and people with disabilities becoming technologically knowledgeable, it has been noted that few applications have been developed for this population group using Linked Data. In this paper, we present RailGB, a(More)
Inappropriate infusion, either suprachoroidal or subretinal massive intraocular haemorrhage and inadvertent tearing or nibbling of the retina, are problems which may be induced iatrogenically during vitrectomy. Familiarity with the mechanical principles of each type of vitrectomy instrument will serve to minimise such hazards. This paper presents the(More)
  • R G Newman
  • Hospital materiel management quarterly
  • 1990
In any contractural relationship, legally and ethically, all parties much benefit. Minor concessions to one party can be significant gains for the other. To establish the win/win environment, it is sometimes necessary to make reasonable concessions that preserve the overall objective of the JIT concept. It is good business sense to make those concessions(More)
This paper investigates the history of economic bubbles and attempts to identify whether there are direct correlations between different bubbles. To support this research, literature has been consulted on historical and recent bubbles, theories surrounding speculation, the market for venture capital, and bubbles in the technology sector. By analysing a(More)