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RATIONALE/OBJECTIVES Recent theoretical models suggest that the central executive may not be a unified structure. The present study explored the nature of central executive deficits in ecstasy users. METHODS In study 1, 27 ecstasy users and 34 non-users were assessed using tasks to tap memory updating (computation span; letter updating) and access to(More)
RATIONALE/OBJECTIVES Research has revealed associative learning deficits among users of ecstasy; the present study explored the component processes underlying these deficits. METHODS Thirty-five ecstasy users and 62 non-ecstasy users completed a computer-based, verbal paired-associates learning task. Participants attempted to learn eight sequentially(More)
Previous research has demonstrated working memory and executive deficits in recreational users of MDMA (3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine; Ecstasy). In turn, both of these constructs have been implicated in syllogistic reasoning performance. Twenty-two MDMA users (mean age = 21.36) and 26 MDMA nonuser controls (mean age = 21.31) were tested on syllogisms of(More)
Medical records of 363 patients who had a diagnosis of lumbar disc disease and were managed by a posterior approach lumbar discectomy over a 7 year period were reviewed: 33 patients had a preoperative diagnosis of diabetes, an incidence in this patient population of 9.1%. The results for these 33 patients who had a diagnosis of diabetes mellitus were(More)
The capacity of patients with cerebral lesions to copy a picture of a cube, as opposed to a nonrepresentational figure of similar structural complexity, was examined. Patients with copying disability showed greater impairment for the cube than the noncube whereas patients without copying impairment and controls performed equally on the two figures. It was(More)
Neurotrauma from snow-sports related injuries is infrequently documented in the literature. In Australia no collective data has ever been published. The aim of this study is to document the injury pattern of snow sports related neurotrauma admissions to The Canberra Hospital, the regional trauma centre for the Snowy Mountains. A computerised hospital record(More)
In 73 patients with drug-resistant temporal lobe epilepsy submitted to an unilateral anterior temporal lobectomy the radiographs were studied to see if there were any correlation with the pathology subsequently found and with the outcome of the operation. A small middle cranial fossa, focal calcification, and temporal horn displacement are often better(More)
OVERVIEW Public opinion on national policy toward drug use and drug problems – including laws, strategies, interventions and services-should be a key influence on government decisions, though there has been little systematic research into this issue in the UK, nor in most other countries. This paper reviews the available evidence about people's attitudes(More)
This report describes a colloid cyst of the third ventricle presenting in a 23-year-old woman. Subsequently, her brother presented with a similar colloid cyst also at 23 years of age. In both patients the cysts were successfully surgically removed. The cysts were examined by light microscopy utilizing immunohistochemical staining. The epithelial lining was(More)
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