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This paper describes the design of an axial flux permanent magnet synchronous machine (AFPM), with concentrated windings for wheelchair application. The AFPM is integrated in the wheel rims, ensuring a space saving solution. The design takes advantage of new material types like high grade permanent magnets, iron powder core material and epoxy for(More)
The switching performance of a six-pack SiC MOSFET module (CCS050M12CM2) is investigated experimentally using a standard double pulse test method. The upper three and the lower three MOSFETs of the CCS050M12CM2 are paralleled forming a half-bridge configuration. Moreover, the performance comparison of the CCS050M12CM2 is carried out with a pin to pin(More)
In this paper, the impact of using parallel SiC MOSFETs as the switching device is investigated. Measurement considerations for a double pulse test are discussed, and the influence of the load inductor characteristic and the voltage measurement technique on the measurement results is demonstrated. It is shown that the inductor load can produce high(More)
A new microarray technology is described for rapid, inexpensive, multiplex diagnostics assays. Referred to as "in-plane parallel scanning" (IPPS), this technology replaces expensive laser scanning with a grid of 100-μm-wide waveguides embedded in the chip's substrate, enabling real-time quantification of molecular complex formation on the chip's surface.(More)
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