Russell K Martin

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The bone-ligament junction strength of femur-medial collateral ligament-tibia complexes in rats was measured in situ at various ages during a two-year period. Male rats had a higher junction strength than female rats, a difference that became apparent when the animals were sixty days old and in male but not female animals subsequently paralleled the changes(More)
In a cross-sectional study, 154 Beagles (79 males, 74 females) ranging in age from 14 to 187 months were measured for bone mineral, bone width, and mineral-to-width ratio on the distal shaft of the right tibia using a photon absorptiometer. The measurements were evaluated with regard to age, sex and body weight. The results indicate that males were heavier(More)
OBJECTIVES The purpose of this investigation was to determine the feasibility of using the polymerase chain reaction to detect bacteria in amniotic fluid and to compare pregnancy outcomes in subsets of women categorized by amniotic fluid culture, polymerase chain reaction, and interleukin-6 findings. STUDY DESIGN Amniotic fluid from 54 pregnancies with(More)
Testosterone (T) in male birds generally inhibits the activity of the hypothalamo-pituitary-gonadal axis, but the androgen can also be gonadostimulatory. The mechanisms responsible for this stimulation are unknown. To address this question, adult male House Finches, Carpodacus mexicanus, held on short day length to inhibit reproductive function, received(More)
The femoral heads of 12 dogs with naturally occurring Legg-Calvé-Perthes disease were studied by light and electron microscopic techniques. In the early stages of the disease, the bony capital femoral epiphysis was necrotic, but the articular cartilage and growth plate cartilage were not affected. By the early stages of repair, the femoral head had(More)
BACKGROUND Rugby is a popular collision sport where participants are at risk of sustaining concussions. Most research focuses on elite-level or youth divisions. Comparatively, little is known about adult community rugby. The aim of this research was to estimate the risk of sustaining a concussion during participation in community-level rugby and summarize(More)
BACKGROUND Previously validated knee arthroscopy evaluation tools have used human cadaveric knees. This is unsustainable because of the cost and scarcity of these specimens. Porcine (pig) knees are anatomically similar, affordable, and easily obtainable; however, whether porcine knees represent a suitable alternative to human specimens has not been(More)
Posterolateral corner (PLC) knee injuries are relatively rare, but can lead to significant instability, dysfunction, and chronic knee pathologies. Early identification and timely management of PLC injuries is important to ensure that the best clinical outcomes are obtained. Appropriate use of physical examination tests and imaging studies is a crucial part(More)
Femoroacetabular impingement (FAI) is a common cause of hip pain, and open surgical approaches remain an important treatment option for FAI. This systematic review of the literature sought to determine what post-operative radiographic outcomes have been reported following open surgical correction of FAI. After screening and full-text review, 18 studies(More)
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