Russell G. Brown

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Despite extensive studies on the roles of phytochrome in photostimulated seed germination, the mechanisms downstream of the photoreceptor that promote germination are largely unknown. Previous studies have indicated that light-induced germination of Arabidopsis seeds is mediated by the hormone gibberellin (GA). Using RNA gel blot analyses, we studied the(More)
Localization is the process of determining the robot's location within its environment. More precisely, it is a procedure which takes as input a geometric map, a current estimate of the robot's pose, and sensor readings, and produces as output an improved estimate of the robot's current pose (position and orientation). We describe a combinatorially precise(More)
Eleven patients (six manic, five non-manic) were studied during administration of lithium carbonate. All patients manifested neutrophilia during administration and there was a tendency for elevation in the fasting blood sugar. Serial EEG examinations and lithium determinations were done throughout the study in nine patients. The records of all nine patients(More)
Minimalism pursues the following agenda: For a given robotics task, nd the minimal con guration of resources required to solve the task. Thus, minimalism attempts to reduce the resource signature for a task, in the same way that (say) Stealth technology decreases the radar signature of an aircraft. Minimalism is interesting because doing task A without(More)
Two classes of polyene-resistant mutants were isolated from survivors of N-methyl-N'-nitro-N-nitrosoguanidine treatment of a wild-type Candida albicans. An analysis of the major sterols of one class revealed an accumulation of lichesterol and fecosterol while the other class accumulated eburicol, obtusifoliol, and lanosterol with minor quantities of C28(More)