Russell G Bradley

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Three process-based approaches to agroforestry modelling are described. These are (a) coupling a continuous-canopy forest model (Hybrid) and tropical crop model (PARCH); (b) coupling an individual-tree model (MAESTRO) with a crop model (PARCH); and (c) incorporating a combined model of evaporation and radiation interception by neighbouring species (ERIN).(More)
Forty-eight scaled quail (Callipepla squamata) were collected during August 2002 at Elephant Mountain Wildlife Management Area in Brewster County, Texas, and examined for helminths. Eight species of helminths were found (5 nematodes and 3 cestodes), representing 2,811 individuals. Of these species, Gongylonema sp., Procyrnea pileata, and Choanotaenia(More)
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