Russell F. Daly

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Porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus (PRRSV) continues to be a major problem in the pork industry worldwide. The limitations of current PRRSV vaccines require the development of a new generation of vaccines. One of the key steps in future vaccine development is to include markers for diagnostic differentiation of vaccinated animals from those(More)
The effects of aging of visual evoked responses (VER) and critical frequency of photic driving (CFPD) was studied in 74 volunteers aged 18 to 79. The amplitude of VER to pattern reversal stimulation did not vary with sex or age. The latencies of the first major negative and of the first major positive defection of the VER were significantly delayed (P less(More)
The function of optic pathways was studied by visual electroencephalographic computer analysis (VECA). Pattern and flash stimuli were used. The VECA profile was abnormal in two types of lesions: pathology involving the eye, and pathology involving the optic nerve. When ocular pathology is excluded, an abnormal profile indicates optic nerve dysfunction. Of(More)
Crossbred beef heifers (N = 59) were vaccinated at the time of synchronization/breeding with either a commercially available bovine herpesvirus type 1 modified live virus (MLV) (one dose) or inactivated virus vaccine (one or two doses). The estrus cycle was synchronized at vaccination and heifers were artificially inseminated 8 days (one dose) or 36 days(More)
The role of preovulatory estradiol on post-fertilization embryo survival and pregnancy establishment has not been well characterized in beef cows. We hypothesized that preovulatory estradiol is important for embryo survival and pregnancy establishment in beef cows. Twenty-four ovariectomized multiparous cows were used in a replicated 3×3 Latin Square(More)
A patients with seizures, Von Willebrand disease, and symptoms of Turner syndrome was a chromosomal mosaic. In blood culture (1974), 56% of the cells were 45, X 33% 46, XXp+ and 11% 47,XXp + Xp +; in the skin, no cells with 47 chromosomes were found. Presumably the Xp + chromosome arose through a break in the Q-banded dark region next to the centromere on(More)