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Essential fatty acid deficiency (EFAD) is observed in patients with massive bowel resection who are placed on home parenteral nutrition (HPN). We investigated the use of cutaneously applied safflower oil to prevent EFAD. Five subjects on HPN supplemented with intravenous (IV) fat emulsions underwent a three-phase study: 1) no IV fat emulsions for 4 wk; 2)(More)
The process for evaluating the resuscitation science has evolved considerably over the past 2 decades. The current process, which incorporates the use of the GRADE methodology, culminated in the 2015 CoSTR publication, which in turn will inform the international resuscitation councils’ guideline development processes. Over the next few years, the process(More)
Introduction Publication of the 2015 American Heart Association (AHA) Guidelines Update for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and Emergency Cardiovascular Care (ECC) marks 49 years since the first CPR guidelines were published in 1966 by an Ad Hoc Committee on Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation established by the National Academy of Sciences of the National(More)
The sensitivity and specificity of skin-test antigens were assessed, and the prevalence of anergy was determined in a group of hospitalized patients receiving aggressive nutritional therapy. All patients referred to a nutritional support service during a nine-month period were assessed for intact cellular immunity using Candida albicans, mumps,(More)
Delirium tremens was first identified as being due to long-term excessive alcohol intake in 1813, but is now known to be associated with abrupt withdrawal of alcohol in chronically habituated persons. Recent publications quote an anticipated mortality rate of 15% to 20%. Our experience in the past 20 years has not confirmed that rate. This review reveals(More)
Cardiac arrest in patients on mechanical support is a new phenomenon brought about by the increased use of this therapy in patients with end-stage heart failure. This American Heart Association scientific statement highlights the recognition and treatment of cardiovascular collapse or cardiopulmonary arrest in an adult or pediatric patient who has a(More)
Controversial issues in home health care (HHC) were discussed by a panel of four individuals involved in or knowledgeable about HHC. The panel addressed the following issues: reluctance of health professionals to participate in home care, challenges in providing HHC services, assigning responsibility for HHC services, reimbursement considerations in(More)