Russell E. Connally

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We describe the synthesis of a novel hydrophilic derivative of a tetradentate β-diketone europium ligand that was used to prepare an immunoconjugate probe against Giardia lamblia cysts. We used a Gated Autosynchronous Luminescence Detector (GALD) to obtain high quality delayed luminescence images of cells 30-fold faster than ever previously reported.
Luminescent lanthanide chelates have been used to label antibodies in time-gated luminescence (TGL) bioimaging. However, it is a challenging task to label directly an antibody with lanthanide-binding ligands and achieve control of the target ligand/protein ratios whilst ensuring that affinity and avidity of the antibody remain uncompromised. We report the(More)
Fluorescence microscopy is a powerful tool for the rapid identification of target organisms. However, natural autofluorescence often interferes with identification. Time-gated luminescence microscopy (TGLM) uses luminescent labels with long persistence in conjunction with digital imaging to regain discriminative power. Following the excitation pulse,(More)
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