Russell Cloran

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The XML Signature working group focuses on the canonicalisation of XML, and the syntax used to sign an XML document. This process focuses on the semantics introduced by the XML language itself, but ignores semantics which a particular application of XML may add. The Resource Description Framework (RDF) is a language for representing information about(More)
The Semantic Web is a vision to create a “web of knowledge”; an extension of the Web as we know it which will create an information space which will be usable by machines in very rich ways. The technologies which make up the Semantic Web allow machines to reason across information gathered from the Web, presenting only relevant results and inferences to the(More)
This paper forms a backdrop for work investigating trust on the semantic web. With the mass of information currently available on the web, and the low barrier to entry for the publication of information on the web, it can be difficult to classify the authority of information found on the web. We use a case study of a suspected phishing scam in South Africa(More)
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