Russell Cameron Thomas

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This paper proposes an analysis framework and model for estimating the impact of information security breach episodes. Previous methods either lack empirical grounding or are not sufficiently rigorous, general or flexible. There has also been no consistent model that serves theoretical and empirical research, and also professional practice. The proposed(More)
Many problems in cyber trust exist at least partially because the people and institutions involved are not properly motivated to solve them. The incentives are often perverse, misaligned, or missing. By improving economic, social, and personal incentives, cyber trust can be significantly improved. The incentive-based approach is based on modern enterprise(More)
Information security is often called an 'arms race', but little is known about the co-evolutionary dynamics of innovation. To facilitate such research, we define two formal methods that can be executed by computational agents in a multi-agent system. First, we formalize the definition of capabilities and business models as a 'viable system'. We generalize(More)
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