Russell Bryant

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In Part I of this paper we have introduced the concept of a hyperbolic exterior differential system of class s. For s = 0 these are essentially a geometric formulation of a first order quasi-linear hyperbolic PDE system in two independent and two dependent variables, with the group of contact transformations providing the allowable changes of variables. We(More)
  • Vestislav Apostolov, David M J Calderbank, +11 authors C Tønnesen-Friedman
  • 2004
We present a classification of compact Kähler manifolds admitting a hamiltonian 2-form (which were classified locally in part I of this work). This involves two components of independent interest. The first is the notion of a rigid hamiltonian torus action. This natural condition, for torus actions on a Kähler manifold, was introduced locally in part I, but(More)
Professional Development 2 Abstract This study investigated the professional development needs, preferences, and practices of secondary school counselors in Utah. Participants included 226 secondary school counselors who responded to a 20-question survey instrument. The respondents revealed that most of them exceed minimum licensure requirements for(More)
This paper presents approximation hardness results for three equivalent problems in Boolean function complexity. Consider a Boolean function f on n variables. The rst problem is to minimize the level i in the Ordered Binary Decision Diagram (OBDD) for f at which the number of nodes is less than 2 i?1. We show that this problem is not approximable to within(More)
One of the many solutions available for transformation and reducing the cost of operations and ownership, has been the movement to contracted logistics support (CLS). In several ways this supports and is supported by Joint Vision (JV) 2010, JV 2020, and the 2001 Quadrennial Defense Review (QDR). While offering assistance, CLS also has some included risks(More)
Several times in the national news and in speeches the phrase 'tools of National Power' has been heard when discussing some of the potential methods of waging the Global War on Terrorism. There have been some factors associated with this phrase, but usually not much detailed discussion about what those 'tools of National Power' are! Is it the Diplomatic(More)
In the day-today office arena, routines are regularly impacted with requests for nominations for many different development programs. A Program Manager may consider these calls and requests for nominations as an additional burden on their already taxed and stretched thin schedule of time and resources. Even so, these programs play an integral part in(More)