Russell Bobbitt

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We present a novel framework for recognizing repetitive sequential events performed by human actors with strong temporal dependencies and potential parallel overlap. Our solution incorporates sub-event (or primitive) detectors and a spatiotemporal model for sequential event changes. We develop an effective and efficient method to integrate prim-itives into(More)
We address the problem of attribute-based people search in real surveillance environments. The system we developed is capable of answering user queries such as "show me all people with a beard and sunglasses, wearing a white hat and a patterned blue shirt, from all metro cameras in the downtown area, from 2pm to 4pm last Saturday". In this paper, we(More)
A significant portion of retail shrink is attributed to employees and occurs around the point of sale (POS). In this paper, we target a major type of retail fraud in surveillance videos, known as sweethearting (or fake scan), where a cashier intentionally fails to enter one or more items into the transaction in an attempt to get free merchandise for the(More)