Russell Bobbitt

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Exposure to elemental mercury vapour is known to influence renal function; however, severe renal disease has not been consistently identified. Eleven men were evaluated for renal disease after acute, massive mercury poisoning. Significant hyperchloraemia was identified in this group of patient and a reversible renal tubular defect was suggested by low(More)
We present a novel framework for recognizing repetitive sequential events performed by human actors with strong temporal dependencies and potential parallel overlap. Our solution incorporates sub-event (or primitive) detectors and a spatiotemporal model for sequential event changes. We develop an effective and efficient method to integrate primitives into a(More)
Many modern retail stores have self-checkout stations where customers can ring up their own orders without the assistance of any store personnel. To promote customer honesty these systems often weigh each item as it is placed in the bag to confirm that it has the expected mass for the product scanned. In our system we augment this basic check with an(More)
Urban environments present unique challenges from the perspective of surveillance and security. Threat activity in urban environments tends to be very similar to background activity, while the volume of activity is often very high. The widespread geographical area presents issues from the perspective of response. These characteristics of urban environments(More)
We address the problem of attribute-based people search in real surveillance environments. The system we developed is capable of answering user queries such as "show me all people with a beard and sunglasses, wearing a white hat and a patterned blue shirt, from all metro cameras in the downtown area, from 2pm to 4pm last Saturday". In this paper, we(More)
A significant portion of retail shrink is attributed to employees and occurs around the point of sale (POS). In this paper, we target a major type of retail fraud in surveillance videos, known as sweethearting (or fake scan), where a cashier intentionally fails to enter one or more items into the transaction in an attempt to get free merchandise for the(More)
We address the problem of 24/7 object detection in urban surveillance videos, which presents unique challenges due to significant object appearance variations caused by lighting effects such as shadows and specular reflections, object pose variation, multiple weather conditions, and different times of the day. Rather than training a generic detector and(More)
Video analytics have recently emerged as a promising technique of retail fraud detection for loss prevention. Efficient video analytic algorithms are highly desired for a practical fraud detection system. In this paper, we present a real-time algorithm for recognizing a cashier's actions at the Point of Sale (POS), which can be further used to analyze(More)
In virtually every business context there is a need to establish some form of monitoring system to ensure that employees comply with business processes and policies. Compliance failures range from organized theft to gaps in procedure that can be easily remedied through retraining. It is clearly important for businesses to capture and record these deviations(More)