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In 1990, M. Barge and J. Martin [BM90] proved that the shift map on the inverse limit space ([0, 1], f), for any map f : [0, 1]→ [0, 1], can be realized as a global attractor in the plane. In 1960, M. Brown [Bro60] proved that the inverse limit space of any near homeomorphism (Definition 1.2) of a compact metric space is homeomorphic to the original space.(More)
Stopping powers have been measured for all ions of 6<Zl<20 at velocities of 0.82 and 1.0 V0 (V0 ¿ ¿c = 0.219 cm ns-1) in five materials C, Al, Ni, Ag and Au with additional data in some cases to a velocity of ~ 2 V0. This paper will briefly describe the experimental method and give an overview of the results. More detailed descriptions with tables of(More)
1-(N-hemisuccinyl-N-isopropylamino)-3-(1-naphthoxy)-2-propranolol, contaminated with a small amount of the N,O-dihemisuccinyl derivative, is formed when propranolol [1-isopropylamino-3-(1-naphthoxy)-2-propranolol] is allowed to react with succinic anhydride (pyridine, 70 degrees C, 5 hours). This conjugate, used by others for the preparation of an immunogen(More)
ABSTRACT The partition of decay energy between the kinetic energy of reaction products and their Q-value of formation is obtained in a statistical derivation appropriate to highly excited nuclei, and is shown to be in a constant ratio. We measure the kinetic energy fraction, R = ΣEkin/(ΣEkin + ΣQ0), over a wide range of excitation energy for welldefined(More)
A novel periodic magnetic field (PMF) optic is shown to act as a prism, lens, and polarizer for neutrons and particles with a magnetic dipole moment. The PMF has a two-dimensional field in the axial direction of neutron propagation. The PMF alternating magnetic field polarity provides strong gradients that cause separation of neutrons by wavelength axially(More)
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