Russell Ashmore

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ACCESSIBLE SUMMARY Historically, compulsory hospital admission led to discrimination for service users. For example, until recently detention under the Mental Health Act 1983 (England and Wales) would disqualify a person from being a Member of Parliament. There is a belief among mental health professionals that compulsory hospital admission will result in(More)
Although an increasing amount of literature has appeared in recent years on the subject of stalking, little is known about mental health nurses' (MHNs) experiences of this phenomenon. The aims of the study were to investigate: (1) the incidence of stalking among a sample of MHNs in the UK; (2) who the perpetrators were; (3) the impact of stalking on MHNs;(More)
Section 5(4) (nurse's holding power) of the Mental Health Act 1983 permits nurses of the 'prescribed class' to detain an informal inpatient. The patient must already be receiving treatment for mental disorder. The section lasts for up to 6 h. Section 5(4) is over 30 years old; however, there is relatively little literature exploring its use. Existing(More)
The majority of studies exploring the use of Section 5(4) (Nurses' holding power) of the Mental Health Act 1983 are now dated, report on small numbers and have been undertaken over relatively short periods of time. A retrospective study was undertaken which sought to identify the factors associated with the use of the section in one mental health trust over(More)
The practice of locking acute ward doors in the UK to manage patient care has been reported with increasing frequency in a number of recent official documents; however, there is little research examining the practice. This study explores the perceptions and experiences of mental health nurses working on acute wards where the doors are locked for all or part(More)
Although much debate has taken place within the literature on the differences between research and clinical audit, the ethical dimensions of audit have frequently been neglected. Furthermore, no research has of yet explored what ethical issues auditors consider in relation to their projects or how they manage them in practice. Using data collected from(More)
This paper presents evidence that the Snyder/Pope Visual Memory Technique utilizing the Bender-Gestalt Test is a useful predictor of reading ability for first grade children. Subjects were administered the Bender Visual Memory Technique, the Bender-Gestalt Test, and the Digit Span subtest of the WISC-R at the beginning of first grade. The same children were(More)
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