Russell Alpizar-Jara

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Studies of wild vertebrates have provided evidence of substantial differences in lifetime reproduction among individuals and the sequences of life history 'states' during life (breeding, nonbreeding, etc.). Such differences may reflect 'fixed' differences in fitness components among individuals determined before, or at the onset of reproductive life. Many(More)
In community-level ecological studies, generally not all species present in sampled areas are detected. Many authors have proposed the use of estimation methods that allow detection probabilities that are <1 and that are heterogeneous among species. These methods can also be used to estimate community-dynamic parameters such as species local extinction(More)
The estimation of population density animal population parameters, such as capture probability, population size, or population density, is an important issue in many ecological applications. Capture–recapture data may be considered as repeated observations that are often correlated over time. If these correlations are not taken into account then parameter(More)
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