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On the 20th anniversary of the Convention on Biological Diversity, a network of very large marine protected areas (the Big Ocean network) has emerged as a key strategy in the move to arrest marine decline and conserve some of the last remaining relatively undisturbed marine areas on the globe. Here we outline the ecological, economic and policy benefits of(More)
Access to adequate health insurance is a key concern of families with children at all income levels. Since 1965, mothers and children on welfare have had health care coverage through the Medicaid program, which has provided a health care safety net for welfare recipients. Although most Americans are insured through their employers, families who leave(More)
Climate-driven Oxygen Minimum Zone (OMZ) expansions in the geologic record provide an opportunity to characterize the spatial and temporal scales of OMZ change. Here we investigate OMZ expansion through the global-scale warming event of the most recent deglaciation (18-11 ka), an event with clear relevance to understanding modern anthropogenic climate(More)
The method presented describes the direct determination of lead in evaporated milk in which the milk ashing step prior to analysis is eliminated. Digital instrument readout units are microgram Pb/mL milk. Total analysis time after instrument calibration is less than 3 min per sample. Range of the method is 0.05-1.0 ppm lead in milk, and precision of the(More)
The Easterlin hypothesis is discussed in the context of the life-cycle model. Fertility rates rose by 15% after World War II, and have fallen steadily since. The Easterlin hypothesis states that such a pattern could be generated if each generation makes its fertility decisions based on its own income relative to the income of its parental generation. The(More)
A method for the direct determination of lead in evaporated milk and in fruit juice with no prior sample digestion was successfully collaborated by 13 laboratories. The anodic stripping voltammetric (ASV) method studied consisted of adding 0.2 mL aliquots of evaporated milk or 0.3 mL aliquots of fruit juice to 2.9 mL of a dechelating reagent, Metexchange.(More)
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