Russell A Allred

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Using a mixed nitrogen/sulfur ligand possessing a single internal hydrogen bond donor (N,N-bis-2-(methylthio)ethyl-N-(6-amino-2-pyridylmethyl)amine (bmapa)), we prepared and structurally and spectroscopically characterized a series of zinc complexes possessing a single alcohol ([(bmapa)Zn(MeOH)](ClO(4))(2) (1)), formamide ([(bmapa)Zn(DMF)](ClO(4))(2) (3),(More)
The syntheses and Bergman cyclization temperatures of disubstituted tetradentate enediyne ligands based on a dibenzylethylenediamine backbone are reported relative to the corresponding Cu(II) and Zn(II) analogues. For these compounds, the R-groups dimethylamine (dma), pyridine (py), quinoline (quin), and 3-oxypyridine (pyO) have been symmetrically and(More)
The solution structural and formyl substrate reactivity properties of a nitrogen/sulfur-ligated zinc hydroxide complex, [(bmnpaZn)2(mu-OH)2](ClO4)2 (1, bmnpa = N,N-bis-2-(methylthio)ethyl-N-((6-neopentylamino-2-pyridyl)methyl)amine), in acetonitrile and methanol are reported. In CH3CN, 1 has a binuclear cation [(bmnpaZn)2(mu-OH)2]2+ that is stabilized by(More)
Treatment of a dinuclear zinc hydroxide complex ([(bmnpaZn)(2)(mu-OH)(2)](ClO(4))(2) (1) or [(benpaZn)(2)(mu-OH)(2)](ClO(4))(2) (2)) with excess equivalents of an aryl alcohol derivative (p-HOC(6)H(4)X; X = NO(2), CHO, CN, COCH(3), Br, H, OCH(3)) yielded the nitrogen/sulfur-ligated zinc aryloxide complexes [(bmnpa)Zn(p-OC(6)H(4)NO(2))](ClO(4)) (3),(More)
Treatment of the ebnpa (N-2-(ethylthio)ethyl-N,N-bis((6-neopentylamino-2-pyridyl)methyl)amine) ligand with a molar equivalent amount of Cd(ClO(4))(2).5H(2)O in CH(3)CN followed by the addition of [Me(4)N]OH.5H(2)O yielded the cadmium hydroxide complex [(ebnpaCd)(2)(mu-OH)(2)](ClO(4))(2) (1). Complex 1 has a binuclear cation in the solid-state with secondary(More)
Treatment of the bmnpa (N,N-bis-2-(methylthio)ethyl-N-((6-neopentylamino-2-pyridyl)methyl)amine) ligand with equimolar amounts of Cd(ClO(4))(2).5H(2)O and Me(4)NOH.5H(2)O in CH(3)CN yielded the binuclear cadmium hydroxide complex [((bmnpa)Cd)(2)(mu-OH)(2)](ClO(4))(2).CH(3)CN (1). Complex 1 may also be prepared (a) by treatment of a CH(3)CN solution of(More)
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