Russel L. Winder

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Musical patterns that recur in approximate, rather than identical, form within a composition (or body of musical work) are considered to be of considerable importance in music analysis. Here we consider the “evolutionary chain problem”: this is the problem of computing a chain of all “motif” recurrences, each of which is a transformation of (“similar” to)(More)
The 1970s saw the development of exception handling systems dedicated to procedural programming (Goodenough, 1975; Ichbiah, 1979; Liskov & Snyder, 1979; Mitchell, Maybury & Sweet, 1979). Such tools and the associated mechanisms were designed to enhance software reliability, reusability, readability and debugging. The 1980s saw the emergence(More)
The code in this column grew out of a discussion on the Object Technology in Computer Science Education list server. The discussion had been going on for about 36 hours in late March and early April 2000 centered on the question of "What is O0 really; is it a real paradigm, different from procedural programming or is it just a packaging mechanism for(More)
As object oriented techniques enable the fabrication of ever more sophisticated systems, the need grows for a mechanism to ensure the consistent and 'correct' behaviour of each object at run-time. We describe a new, in-source specification mechanism, Message Pattern Specifications (MPS), to directly satisfy this need in a succinct, orthogonal and(More)