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In a 39-year old woman hospitalized for intracranial hypertension MRI revealed the presence of abnormal areas in the cerebellar cortex. The negative results of investigations for possible causes, as well as the appearance of radiological abnormalities and their persistence over a 6-month period incited the authors to make a tentative diagnosis of(More)
The goal of our prospective study was to compare quantitatively and qualitatively in-phase and opposed-phase T1-weighted breath-hold spoiled gradient-recalled-echo (GRE) MR imaging technique for imaging focal hepatic lesion. Thirty-eight patients with 53 focal hepatic lesions had in-phase (TR = 12.3 ms, TE = 4.2 ms) and opposed-phase (TR = 10.1 ms, TE = 1.9(More)
Increasing the number of task alternatives in a match-to-sample problem led to longer decision times in cognitively reflective but not in cognitively impulsive adults. Impulsives, as compared to reflectives, were found to verbalize less "thinking out loud" coded verbal behavior, to endorse less motivation for success and more motivation for speed, and to(More)
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