Russ Milliken

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The primary hypothesis of this paper is thatinternal and external changes in design andmanufacturing organizations affect theviability of boundary objects (representations,drawings, models – virtual and physical) andrequire changes in the underlying distributedcognitive models. Internal and external factorsinclude new advances in technologies, insightsinto(More)
After a surgical drape fire, the New York State Society of Anesthesiologists, Operating Room Safety Committee, investigated the factors contributing to it. Subsequently, eight detailed cases were collected. It found that no voluntary standards or government regulations exist to oversee the flammability of surgical drapes; no agency or bureau collects(More)
Achieving satisfactory hemostasis during orthognathic surgery may be difficult because of the extensive vascularity of facial structures. Hypotensive anesthetic techniques provide clear operative fields by altering regional tissue perfusion through the use of systemic vasodilators, ganglionic blocking agents, and positioning of the patient. Thorough(More)