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Realism in the Study of Entrepreneurship
The authors present a response to an article in a prior issue by S. Ramoglou entitled "On the Misuse of Realism in the Study of Entrepreneurship" that itself was a comment on their own earlierExpand
The Ontology of Entrepreneurial Opportunity
This paper takes a fresh look at a core question in entrepreneurship: are opportunities objective, formed by exogenous shocks to pre-existing markets or industries that entrepreneurs then discover,...
Consciousness and the state/transitive/creature distinction
This essay examines the grammatical structure underlying the use of the word "conscious". Despite the existence of this grammatical structure, I reject the assumption that actual consciousness has aExpand
Is "Neuroentrepreneurship" Worth Pursuing?
Last year, we asked: Why is that presentations on "neuro-entrepreneurship" are so well-attended (and applauded) yet little traction has really occurred? Similarly, we asked why it was that in entre...
Realism in the Study of Entrepreneurship: A Response
An AMR dialogue piece by Ramoglou (2013), “On the Misuse of Realism in the Study of Entrepreneurship,” is a comment on our prior dialogue piece, “Epistemology, Opportunities, and Entrepreneurship:Expand
The Homeostatic Mind: A Developmental Study of Object Cognition
A Framework for Error Correction Under Prediction
  • Russ McBride
  • Computer Science, Medicine
  • Front. Psychology
  • 17 October 2012
Clark describes a budding trend in neuroscience toward what he calls a “predictive processing” model, the core idea of which is pretty simple. Expand