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Much recent research on blood clotting has dealt with prothrombin and factors which influence its activation. In the development of such investigations experimental procedures have become increasingly complex and artificial. They usually involve the use of anticoagulants, often multi-stage fractionation by precipitation, adsorption or filtration, and,(More)
Laboratory diagnosis of multiple sclerosis: immunological and biochemical aspects £ J Thompson Multiple sclerosis: a virus disease? K B Fraser Significance of virus antibodies in multiple sclerosis Margaret Halre I 4 9 15 21 28 34 40 PAGE Cellular immunity in multiple sclerosis Stella C Knight 45 Humoral factors involved in immune processes in multiple(More)
An apparatus is described which uses the principle of the ballistic pendulum to measure the tensile strength of blood clots formed in special cuvettes. The method appears to have a reproducibility which would allow a study to be made of the factors influencing clot strength. A brief survey of the findings with normal blood and with blood from cases of(More)