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An Animated Guide: Regression Trees in JMP® & SAS® Enterprise Miner™
The primary purpose will be to compare trees in two different software packages and to explain concepts associated with trees so that when the comparisons are made, they are more easily understood.
An Animated Guide: Coding standards for SAS® Production Programs
This paper is one programmer’s collection of coding standards, intended to be a starting point for discussion within companies that lack standards and a resource for people starting a career as a SAS programmer.
An Animated Guide: An Introduction to Latent Class Clustering in SAS£
This paper explores PROC LCA, a free SAS add-in created by The Methodology Center at Penn State University that allows users of SAS to perform Latent Class Clustering using syntax with which they are already familiar.
An Animated Guide: Proc Transpose
Complex manipulations of the shape of the data (tall & thin data sets into wide and short data sets and the reverse) can be quickly performed with Proc Transpose.
An Animated Guide©: Speed Merges: resource use by common procedures
This paper is a comparison of how resources are used by different SAS “table lookup” (Figure 1) techniques. The paper will be useful for programmers starting to study “programming efficiency” or who
The nine situations one can encounter when writing SAS data to an Excel-created named range are examined.
An Animated Guide: The SAS® Data Step Debugger
The Data Step Debugger (DSD) simplifies the debugging of individual Data Steps and not whole SAS programs and is an excellent way to learn the PDV.
An Animated Guide©: SAS Editor Regular Expressions
The features that were, and were not implemented in the Enhanced Editor are discussed and the feature list to REGEXP coding is compared.
Logistic Regression In Cartoons
This paper contains discussions of issues associated with logistic regression where the issues are easier to understand when presented graphically than when they are presented using formulas. The
An Animated Guide © : Speed Merges : SAS V 9 . 1 Hashing
This paper, on SAS V9.1 Hashing, is the fourth in the " speed merging " series and recommends that V 9.1 hashing be considered for general use because of its speed and ease of use.