Russ Hoover

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An emerging data-center market merges network and server attributes into a single wire-speed processor SoC. These processors are not network endpoints that consume data, but inline processors that filter or modify data and send it on. Wire-speed processors merge attributes from 1) network processors: many threaded low power cores, accelerators, integrated(More)
WZD (Wavelet Z-coDec) is a component or composite video codec engineered and optimized to greatly reduce the ASIC silicon implementation area in return for a modest degradation of the R-D (rate/distortion) trade-off. It consists of wavelet transforms organized into a carefully designed pyramid, dyadic quantization, and a novel application of Z-coding and(More)
We propose a methodology for developing hardware control. In addition to the usual distinction between control and data path, a further distinction within the control code is made between algorithmic code and bookkeeping code. The high level specification describes the algorithmic code in an object-oriented st yle, is executable, formally verified, and(More)
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