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Lipids secreted from the Dufour's glands of the bees Anthophora centriformis, Anthophora californica tarsata, Emphoropsis miserabilis, Megachile (Delomegachile) gemula, M. (Phaenosarus) fortis, M. (Argyropile) parallela, and M. (Melanosarus) xylocopoides primarily consist of short chain (C2-C20) fatty acid triglycerides. Nearly 95% of the triglycerides from(More)
The functional end-to-end technique with a gastrointestinal stapler is commonly used for small-bowel anastomosis, but the effects of this anatomically side-to-side anastomosis on motility are unknown. Fasting small-bowel myoelectric activity and culture results were compared in six animals undergoing handsewn end-to-end and functional end-to-end(More)
The prevalence of radiation-associated cardiac disease is increasing due to prolonged survival following mediastinal irradiation. Side effects of radiation include pericarditis, accelerated coronary artery disease, myocardial fibrosis and valvular injury. We evaluated the cases of three young patients with evidence of significant valvular disease following(More)
tion of several methods for computing stroke volume from central aortic pressure. Catheter-flush system for continuous monitoring of central arterial pulse wave form. Characteristics of aortic diastolic pressure decay with application to the continuous monitoring of changes in peripheral vascular resistance. SUMMARY Minoxidil is a clinically effective(More)
BACKGROUND In August 1992 the medical director of the 19 Group Health medical clinics (now part of HealthPartners) in Minnesota chartered a continuous quality improvement (CQI) team to improve the pediatric (two-year-old) immunization rates. THE TEAM'S WORK: The team created a process flow for the current immunization process, collected data on the process,(More)
Delayed gastric emptying occurs in up to 50% of patients after truncal vagotomy and Roux-Y antrectomy and is often resistant to nonsurgical therapy. This study evaluates the effect of erythromycin, metoclopramide, and motilin on delayed gastric emptying in four dogs after Roux-Y antrectomy. Solid food gastric emptying was measured using a radionuclide(More)