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Dynamic Data Packaging Protocol for Real-Time Medical Applications of Nanonetworks
The article considers the problems of optimization of the load on communication channel, created by the traffic of a medical nanonetworks application. Expand
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Live substance in cyberspace — Biodriver system
We present the general conjugation principle of a living substance with an info-communication system, and develops an integrated system enabling quantitative and qualitative measurements of the certain processes occurring in living organism with a feedback. Expand
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Analysis of delays in medical applications of nanonetworks
We analyzed network delay — one of the most important QoS parameters. Expand
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IoT Based Earthquake Prediction Technology
The article presents results of the first stage of the development of an animal monitoring system using IoT technology. Expand
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Quo vadis, humanity? Ethics on the last mile toward cybernetic organism
ABSTRACT Motivated by the recent decisive progress in the field of the Internet of Bio-Nano Things (IoBNT), and fueled by the growing social importance of emerging services and applications built onExpand
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The Effect on the Altered Thyroid Status for Ovarian Tumor Xenografts in Rats
Our study examined the effect of induced hypo- and hyperthyroidism on ovarian cancer (OC). The intraperitonealxenograft model of OCperformed the standard technique. Using propylthiouracil(2,0 mg perExpand
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Thyroid hormones can exert responses in various immune cells affecting several inflammation-related processes. The interactions between the endocrine and immune systems have been shown to contributeExpand
The foci of aberrant crypts and changes of microbiota of gut upon chemical mutagenesis and experimental hyperand hypothyroid status
In our paper we present data on the induction of nitrosomethylurea focuses of aberrant crypts on experimentally altered thyroid status in mice and concomitant changes in the intestinal microbiota.Expand
Creating the new Russian vaccines as an example of import substitution in pediatrics
In the modern economy the import substitution is an exceptional and temporary measure in the modern term. All states use or have used protectionist policies in their history due to the fact thatExpand
The risk of malignancies in women with long flowing hyperthyroidism in history: a retrospective randomized study
The syndrome of thyrotoxicosis is the second occurrence in endocrine diseases giving way to the only diabetes. The most common cause of hyperthyroidism is Graves' disease. Nodular toxic goiter isExpand
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