Ruslan A. Wolf

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Increasing the temperature stability of the voltage reference through the use of high-order compensation is a common approach, and good agreement allows achieving high temperature stability. The main drawback of this approach is the high sensitivity of the source parameters to the process variation in the manufacture. Changing the supply voltage without(More)
Layout design principles of IP blocks in the IC, and frequency mixers in particular, are discussed. Several variants of the layout design are carried out. They are modeled and compared to a schematic implementation. Qualitative assessment of implementations is carried out. The conclusions and the ways of improvement are proposed. The nature and the origin(More)
Most modern wireless transceiver complexes require the use of linear power amplifiers having a high efficiency of power supply use. The amplitude characteristic distortion increases the level of intermodulation products, reducing the receiving range and polluting the signal spectrum. The use of the cartesian loop reduces the power amplifier non-linearity(More)
Design of high-speed analog-to-digital converters, high-frequency active filters and other analog signal processing systems with high demands to heir constituent units parameters, requires operational amplifiers with high dc-gain and high unity gain frequency. In developing operational amplifiers with unity gain frequency of several gigahertz and phase(More)
The paper presents reference frequency formation system implementation for modern data conversion systems in manufacturing process of 180 nm. The system is based on integer PLL, with VCO being tunable widely. The clock generator forms of nonoverlapping pulses used in ADC. A possibility of loop bandwidth filter program tuning permits usage of a broad(More)
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