Rushikesh Sawant

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Sugarcane variety Co 94012 is a new variety released in India through the use of somaclonal variation. Significant differences were found in quantitative and qualitative agronomic characters. Another somaclone VSI 434 is an extra early maturing variety with significant difference in morphological and qualitative characters over the parent CoC 671. The(More)
Sodium hypochlorite has been successfully utilized as media sterilant (at total active chlorine concentration 0.002% in the medium) in production of sugarcane plantlets by applying apical meristem culture technique. The process has been scaled up to produce 2.5 million sugarcane plantlets per year. Use of sodium hypochlorite in place of autoclaving has(More)
The ecotoxicological effects of oil spill from the grounded vessel MV River Princess on the intertidal benthic organisms of Sinquerim-Candolim beach at Goa were investigated. An intertidal expanse of 1 km on either side of the grounded vessel was selected to evaluate the concentration of total petroleum hydrocarbon (TPH) in the sediment and its effects on(More)
VSI 434 is a somaclonal variant of sugarcane var. CoC 671 with high cane and sugar yield, high sucrose content and moderately resistant to smut, grassy shoot and red rot diseases. VSI 434 recorded 14.5 to 30.7 % higher cane yield and 22.9 to 30.1% higher commercial cane sugar over the donor and standard CoC 671 in different station and multilocation trials.(More)
This paper presents the Ancestral Differential Evolution (AncDE) algorithm, which extends the standard Differential Evolution (DE) algorithm by adding an archive of recently discarded ancestors. AncDE adds the ability to occasionally compute difference vectors between current and archived solutions, using these intergenerational difference vectors in place(More)
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