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This paper presents an electronic travel aid for blind people to navigate safely and quickly, an obstacle detection system using ultrasonic sensors and USB camera based visual navigation has been considered. The proposed system detects the obstacles up to 300 cm via sonar and sends feedback (beep sound) to inform the person about its location. In addition(More)
Embolism can be a cause of life threatening situation for which early detection and diagnosis is of major importance. This work describes an automatic approach for air embolism detection and measurement of different morphological features of the embolus using OCT contrast imaging technique. Firstly, the channel has been segmented through morphological(More)
Spinous layer being a sub compartment of surface epithelium of oral mucosa, plays also major role in investigating oral submucous fibrosis (OSF) at its early stage in addition to basal layer. This paper aims to provide a technique that can be used to assist the oral pathologists in grading OSF based on textural information of the spinous layer. The proposed(More)
Image quality and photon measurement with good SNR (signal to noise ratio) in continuous wave diffuse optical tomography depend on the source detector density and sensitivity of photo detector. For large volume objects, it is difficult to obtain detectable light intensity with good SNR over the whole boundary. As an alternative, instead of the full(More)
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