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HamNoSys is a notation system for writing signs. HamNoSys symbols describe signs in form of signing parameters. Signing parameters include hand shape, hand orientation, hand location and hand movement. This paper presents a system which generates HamNoSys corresponding to the inputted word. For generating HamNoSys, system covers all the symbols for signing(More)
— The software process model consists of a set of activities undertaken to design, develop and maintain software systems. A variety of software process models have been designed to structure, describe and prescribe the software development process. The software process models play a very important role in software development, so it forms the core of the(More)
Wolbachia is one of the most successful and abundant symbiotic bacteria in nature, infecting more than 40% of the terrestrial arthropod species. Here we report the draft genome sequence of a novel Wolbachia strain named "wSuzi" that was retrieved from the genome sequencing of its host, the invasive pest Drosophila suzukii.
Successful management of invasive pests, such as Drosophila suzukii, relies on a fine understanding of their biology. Genomic and physiological studies have suggested that the invasive success of D. suzukii is strongly associated with its ability to overwinter in a reproductive diapause state. Here, we coupled field surveys with comparative morphology and(More)
The increasing volume of data generated by some medical imaging modalities which justifies the use of different compression techniques to decrease the storage space and efficieny of transfer the images over network for access to electronic patient records. This paper summarizes the different compression methods as compression is one of the technique that(More)
Fungal septicemia is an increasingly common complication of immunocompromised patients worldwide. Candida species are the leading cause of invasive mycoses with Candida glabrata being the second most frequently isolated Candida species from Intensive Care Unit patients. Despite its clinical importance, very little is known about the mechanisms that C.(More)
Soil manganese (Mn) deficiency limits the growth and crop yield. Growing Mn efficient cultivars i.e. the cultivars with high yield at low Mn supply would represent a long term solution and sustainable approach to crop production. To evaluate Mn efficiency of 38 diverse rice genotypes, field experiment was conducted during kharif seasons using Mn deficient(More)