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HamNoSys is a notation system for writing signs. HamNoSys symbols describe signs in form of signing parameters. Signing parameters include hand shape, hand orientation, hand location and hand movement. This paper presents a system which generates HamNoSys corresponding to the inputted word. For generating HamNoSys, system covers all the symbols for signing(More)
INTRODUCTION This first study from north India investigated the synergistic effect of AT1R 1166A/C with the ACE I/D polymorphism on risk of acute myocardial infarction (AMI). MATERIALS AND METHODS Traditional coronary risk factors, ACE I/D and AT1R 1166A/C polymorphism were analyzed in 350 patients with AMI and 350 matched controls. RESULTS In(More)
— The software process model consists of a set of activities undertaken to design, develop and maintain software systems. A variety of software process models have been designed to structure, describe and prescribe the software development process. The software process models play a very important role in software development, so it forms the core of the(More)
Wolbachia is one of the most successful and abundant symbiotic bacteria in nature, infecting more than 40% of the terrestrial arthropod species. Here we report the draft genome sequence of a novel Wolbachia strain named "wSuzi" that was retrieved from the genome sequencing of its host, the invasive pest Drosophila suzukii.
Successful management of invasive pests, such as Drosophila suzukii, relies on a fine understanding of their biology. Genomic and physiological studies have suggested that the invasive success of D. suzukii is strongly associated with its ability to overwinter in a reproductive diapause state. Here, we coupled field surveys with comparative morphology and(More)
  • N Kakkar, R Kaur
  • 2004
AIMS Maintaining international normalized ratios (INRs) within the therapeutic range for patients on oral anticoagulant therapy is a tough task. Physician practices have a vital bearing on safe management in these patients. We sought to assess the knowledge base of clinicians in our hospital regarding oral anticoagulant treatment. METHODS A retrospective(More)
How the evolution of olfactory genes correlates with adaption to new ecological niches is still a debated topic. We explored this issue in Drosophila suzukii, an emerging model that reproduces on fresh fruit rather than in fermenting substrates like most other Drosophila We first annotated the repertoire of odorant receptors (ORs), odorant binding proteins(More)
BACKGROUND Need for having better esthetics is the new emerging trend seen in patients' demands and expectations. Various periodontal procedures including the mucogingival procedures have been designed to enhance the esthetics. The amount of gingival display of the patient is also an important parameter while considering the esthetics of the patient. Till(More)
Blood components have been in use in clinical practice for many decades now. In spite of fairly clear guidelines regarding their use, inappropriate prescriptions for components are still rampant. We undertook this work to assess the appropriateness of fresh frozen plasma (FFP) transfusions in our hospital. A prospective audit of 504 transfusion orders for(More)